About Us

White Crow is focused on seeing a better tomorrow, where project developers are creating sustainable change and funders can confidently allocate support to high-impact projects. For decades, researchers have pointed to the great misuse of funding opportunities which limits impact, funding opportunities not considering what is best for the local communities and funds not being proportionally allocated to locally developed businesses. These impacts ultimately hurt those that need it the most; the beneficiaries.

At White Crow, we bridge the gap between funders and organizations. We support organizations by helping them grow and develop their ideas, to ensure the project is sustainable and scalable, and/or in project funding support. For funders, we provide third-party assurance that a project will achieve the set goals and that the project they are funding will bring long-lasting change.

In all cases, the type of support we provide depends on what is needed. Our services vary widely, but our experience is holistic.

“Our goal is to see Africa develop in the way that African’s desire…”
– Founder and CEO of White Crow


To empower locally-led, sustainable projects to reach their greatest potential and to provide a bridge between funders and project developers.


We imagine a world where every project leaves a sustainable, inclusive and impactful change.

Why White Crow?

Crows are one of the smartest animals in the world. They are known as cunning, and for their ability to exercise self-control, to understand analogies made, and to make tools. Although they are quite common, it is rare to see a white crow. If you do see one, they are surrounded by others that all look the same.

We call ourselves the White Crow’s because we are comprised of a team that is intelligent, knowledgeable, and comes with global, diverse experience in the area of international development, project management, business development, operations, sales, and expansion, climate risk and resilience research, sustainable agroforestry, fire management, hazardous waste management, water system management, household energy systems distribution, and a vast array of experience in refugee settlements. We are also comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and specialty talents. All of this allows us to give comprehensive service from one team. A team of White Crows.

Word from the CEO and Founder of White Crow

Since international development began, we have seen the introduction of new technologies such as computers and smartphones, our world has become globalized, and we have seen the effect of previous development options. White Crow was formed to be a catalyst of change in sector that has seen little development. Our goal is to see Africa development in the way that African’s desire, one where impacts are not only large, but inclusive, and in a way that helps preserve the world’s shared environment.

We are the difference-maker. We are White Crow.