Our Services

White Crow specializes in empowering start-ups and SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) to develop their projects in ways that will promote long-term financial health, increase the social well-being of employees and communities alike, and has a positive effect on the world’s shared environment. 

White Crow provides the following services for project developers and businesses:

Our certification seal represents a project that has already achieved (existing) or will achieve (proposal stage) a project deemed sustainable through the White Crow Sustainability Assessment. Our third-party assessment was developed utilizing 36 different metrics deemed to give potential funders, partners, etc. the confidence to commit to supporting the project. We provide support in the following ways:

a) Project Proposal Stage – Typically two assessments, one providing a starting point and the latter after adjustments have been made

b) On-Going Project – We will provide a progress assessment that can be utilized to provide funders a clear update on the progress of a project

c) Completed Project – Our assessment can provide a final analysis of the implementation of a project and help provide future funders greater confidence

Other Services

Project/Proposal development and funding support
Project evaluation and analysis
CSR project development and support
Strategic planning, market analysis and expansion strategy development
Project Management
Project marketing, which includes social media development, photography, and video editing services

White Crow provides the following services for funders:

Independent representation on evaluation panels
Sustainability audits and/or analysis at any point of the process
Pre-funding strategic planning and assessments