We provide three flexible service contracts depending on the needs of your organization and our availability. The following provides insight into the type of service each entails:


Long-Distance Consulting

As a tech-savy organization we can do all of our work from abroad. We will use our strong research backgrounds and interpersonal skills to find you solutions from anywhere in the world*. 


Short and Long-term Consulting

Unsure of your businesses next move? Do you feel as if you are at a breaking point? We will come to you and combine our knowledge and experience to find you quick and sustainable solutions.


External Project Management

Hire one, some, or all of our consultants to plan and implement an upcoming project. 


*For long-term, distance projects we prefer to have an initial site visit to perform a site assessment and feasibility study


Our Approach

No matter the terms of our contracts, we approach all our projects using a flexible and comprehensive approach that leads to the empowerment of our customers and their surrounding communities.



Phase One – Site Assessment

We start by understanding such environmental factors as soil types, climate, water-access, and topography and social aspects such as leadership roles, community member interest, access to resources, beliefs, and traditional knowledge. The goal is not only to understand the geographical place that we are working within, but also the people we will be working alongside.


Phase Two – Feasibility Study

This phase focuses on developing a market analysis, resources needed for the project, and the time-frame desired/needed to complete such a project. All aspects will be considered in developing a “Master Plan” to ensure successful implementation of the project itself.


Phase Three – Project Implementation

We believe in fast and efficient implementation of projects. This not only ensures that less financial resources will be needed in the process, but also that success can be recognized as soon as possible.


Phase Four – Empowerment

The most important aspect to us at White Crow Consultancy is the final step. We call this the continuous step because we are consciously considering it with every decision we make. Furthermore, this step does not finish the project, it allows for the communities that we work alongside to feel confident in continuing and developing the project further. Through each step, the community will be heavily involved, with this final step ensuring all of the knowledge, resources, and planning is understood by those that will continue the project in the future.


Questions about our services?  Please feel free to contact us!