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Tyler Sanderson

Tyler Sanderson

Food Systems, Agroecosystem Resilience, & Small-Business Consultant

Sustainable Agroforestry, Permaculture, & Silviculture Solutions and Innovative Garden Design

CSR 2.0 Development, Community Outreach, and Marketing

Non-Timber Forest Product Management and Production

Agro-ecosystem Resilience and Climate Change Analysis

Food Security, Preservation, and Nutrition

Tyler first received an Associate Degree in Business Administration. He continued his education by completing a Bachelor of Science in Community Development and Leadership from Oregon State University. Through this time he received various awards including the 2014 Distinguished Student Award for his coursework and potential to make an impact in the field. Meanwhile, he worked in many positions as a Sustainability Team Leader, Board Member and Community Outreach/Business Coordinator of an environmentally based NGO,  Food Procurement Leader for another NGO, Permaculture Garden Specialist for a local farm, and as a member of Sustainable Business Leaders group in his city. After completing his degree, he spent two years working in rural Zambia alongside the Zambian government to promote sustainable agroforestry practices, small business design & management, and community development. Tyler has also volunteered in many different gardening and food security projects. In this time, he learned the fine details of Hugelkultur and Permaculture techniques. In addition to these projects, he has utilized his own gardening spaces for experimental gardening techniques to test innovative methods researched from around the world. Most recently, working with rural farmers in the Amazonian region of Brazil, Tyler has pursued his Masters in International Development and to further his agricultural knowledge and understanding. To understand more, the Food-System Resilience framework and the FAO’s Household Dietary Diversity Survey have been implemented to understand how the intensification of the açaí palm tree has influenced crop diversity, resilience to factors such as climate change, and to see how dietary diversity (nutrition) has changed. If you have any more questions about his background or experience please feel free to contact us!
James Lilly

James Lilly

Environment & Climate-Change, Water Management, and Hazardous Waste Consultant

Water Safety and Quality, Hydrological Processes, Floodplain and Wetland Management

Radio-Chemical & Hazardous Waste Analysis

Climate Change Risk Reduction

Environmental Hazards/Pyroecology

Sustainable Rural Development

Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Global Marine Resources, Aquaculture, and Physical Processes Consultant

Rural Aquaculture Development and Management

Marine and Climate Change Analysis and Management

Environmental Prevention, Mitigation, and Restoration

Food Security and Nutrition

Erosion Control and Trail Rehabilitation


Justin received his Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Northern Michigan University and has worked within organizations in the public and private sectors. After nearly two years of rural aquaculture experience, Justin decided to pursue his Master’s of Resource Management in Coastal and Marine Management from the University Centre of the Westfjords in Iceland.

Justin spent three work seasons traveling around the continental United States working with various organizations in the public and private sectors to learn regional methodologies of trail building and rehabilitation from Vermont to Nevada. Working on smaller contracts and volunteering during this time also provided crucial experience in the collection of biological data and the management of coastal and riparian zones. During his term in rural Zambia promoting aquaculture as a way to improve food security in rural communities, Justin challenged himself with the adoption of a new language and culture to gain a greater understanding of localized issues, and he has brought his passion to expand his holistic worldview and lifelong education to Iceland.

Justin is now primarily concerned with the effects of sea level rise, changes in mean sea surface temperature and ocean acidification on the expansion and contraction of forage species home ranges and the effects of that on long-distance migratory marine species. As we move forward, Justin believes that it will be important to understand these environmental changes in order to protect migratory marine species and the coastal communities that interact with them by establishing effective community-led marine protected areas. He brings knowledge of biology, ecology, physical processes to the consultancy.

If you have any more questions about his background or experience please feel free to contact us!

Daniel Uosukainen

Daniel Uosukainen

Human Rights, Eco-Tourism, and Micro-watershed Management Consultant

Cultural Anthropologist and Ethnographer


Heritage and Rights of Indigenous People

Micro-watershed Management

Food and Nutrition Security

Eco-Tourism Devleopment


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